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Government of Punjab announces to reopen schools from 15 September

DGovernment of punjab announces to reopen schools from 15 September. Punjab Education Minister and PTI MPA Dr. Murad Raas said on Wednesday that ” The province will reopen schools tentatively from September 15, adding that the final decision on the matter depends on the ” COVID-19 situation in Punjab.

The minister, in a tweet, said that “the Standard Operating Procedures will be followed in schools when they reopen and it will be conveyed to public and private stakeholders”.

He added that “this was the official information so far regarding the reopening of schools across the province, calling all other news “fake” “.

Instructions For Avoiding COVID-19 (SOPs)
  • The School Authority must check the students’ temperature and the whole staff, include teaching and non-teaching
  • There is an availability of hand sanitizers for all students and staff members.
  • All kinds of functions, ceremonies, and breaks will be prohibited under the SOPs as well.
  • No assembly will be held on any private and government school.
  • No entertainment facility provided to the students
  • It is a foremost duty of school servants to spray disinfectant early in the morning in the staff room and washrooms.
  • Only 20 students must sit in one classroom, while only two students will be allowed to share a desk.

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