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IBCC Promotion Guidelines For Matric & Inter. Students


IBCC Promotion Guidelines For Matric & Inter. Students:

Matric and Intermediate students become confused after listening promotion news whether it’s true or fake. Now we resolve this issue by writing an exact news about it approved by Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference.

A meeting of Provincial Education Ministers was held on 14 May ,2020 .Where it is decided to promote 9,10,11,12 class students. It may be emphasized that the National Coordination Committee chaired by the Prime Minister and in which all provincial Chief Ministers took part had already decided to cancel the exams of classes 9 to 12. This meeting was in regard to promotion criterion and dealing with all categories of questions arising out the cancellation decision. The following decisions were arrived at unanimously.

1st Category:

All Grade 9th and 11th students are promoted to 10th and 12th class respectively.

2nd Category:

Students promoted to grade10 and 12 will not take a composite exam in 2021. Thus, they will not be taking grade 9 and 11 exam but only of grade 10 and 12. The grade 9th and 11th scores will be calculated based on their grade 10th and 12th performance in 2021.

3rd Category:

Grade 10th and 12th students, who had passed all subjects required in Grade 9th and 11th, will pass grade 10 and grade 12 exam based on their Grade 9th and 11th performance. This will cater to a vast majority of students. All these students will get an additional 3% added to their total based of the previous exam.

4rth Category:

The remaining students appearing in grade 10th and 12th examinations who have failed up to 40% of the Grade 9th and 11th subjects will be awarded passing marks.

5th Category:

A special examination will be held between September and November for the following categories:

  1. Those not satisfied with their grade 11 result and want to improve by taking grade 12 exam.
  2. Those who were taking composite exam and had no grade 11 result to rely on.
  3. Those wanting to appear in additional subjects
  4. Those who failed in more than 40% of the subjects in grade 9 and 11
  5. The exam fee of these students will be re-adjusted in the special exams.


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